Introduction About the Program

What is this site about?

In this website, you will learn about some research about the health of mothers who care for a child with a disability. You will also learn about some important women’s health issues that relate to all women. This information is especially important to you as the mother of a child with additional needs. You are a very important person in the life of your child with a disability and your family. You matter, and your health matters! This website has been created to assist you to reconnect with what is important to you, and what is required to achieve better health and wellbeing.

This site is organized into modules, or sections, that group information around one or two topics that may be of interest to you. This will help you to locate the information that relates to you in your life. Experts will share information that may be of interest and useful to you. However, when reading or listening, remember that you are the expert in your life! The information that you select will relate to you. Other information may not be of interest. You have a lot of experience, wisdom and a unique perspective that relates to your unique situation. Please view, read and interact with the modules and information that you need.

Think about yourself and your life. Ask yourself: Can I make positive changes in my life for my health and wellbeing?

Whatever daily challenges you face, this site aims to provide you with information, some strategies and a way to start planning to go forward towards a healthier life.

Hear from some of the mothers who have attended the program

Entry last updated 28 February, 2020