Module 9 Time-for-Me Planning

Module 9: Time-for-Me Planning

This module presents the following information:

  • Managing resources and support
  • Setting goals that are important for you now and in the future
  • Planning ahead: Set up the supports and lifestyle that you and your family need.

In this module you will identify situations and issues that challenge you and your quest to improve your health and wellbeing. You will identify strengths and issues in your situation that supports your health. You may reflect on other content in this website and include previous thoughts and comments into the identification of factors that challenge or support your health. After considering your resources, this module presents a way to plan healthy lifestyle changes for yourself. Time for me plans apply to immediate changes you identify, changes for four weeks and changes longer term. Worksheets are available for you to download.

As you will know, most of the information presented in this website has been informed by what other mothers like you have said or experienced. HMHF is about sharing information for the benefit of other mothers, future mothers, mothers you know. The checklists below contain challenges that other mothers identify as some of the barriers to their own health, wellbeing or future lifegoals. Life doesn’t slow down or stop when we become mothers. Life doesn’t stop or slow down when our children have challenges or higher care needs. What can change when we become mothers is our prioritisation of others, our health and our life goals. The activity below is to assist you to identify what might be a barrier or enabler to your own plans for yourself.

Entry last updated 08 June, 2023