Module 8 Managing Healthy Home Routines and Having Fun in the Community

Module 8: Managing Healthy Home Routines and Having Fun in the Community

This module presents the following information:

  • Understanding the complexities of families to be able to manage healthy changes
  • Making family routines around health and wellbeing
  • Prioritising activities that lead to balance
  • Having fun in the community

This module is about you, healthy routines and prioritising life balance for your family. Making and managing healthy routines that support the needs of all family members is difficult. It takes time to work out what is needed by each family member. It takes time to plan activities and organise the right support if support is required. In this module, you will be asked to think about your family, home routines in the day and night and activities that support the health and wellbeing of your family members.

Entry last updated 26 February, 2020