Introduction About the Program

Introduction: About the Program

We have developed modules that provide important information about health, wellbeing and managing family responsibilities for mothers of children with a disability, or others who know or work with families raising a child with a disability.

Each of these modules contain information to read, videos and some resources that will empower mothers to care for their own health and manage their specific life circumstances. Ultimately, the modules aim to provide a range of information that mothers may find useful.

What is in this site?

There are currently 10 modules in this website. You may wish to do the modules one by one in order or as you please. Whatever you decide is fine! Here is a summary of the modules and what content is covered;

1. The Journey of Mothers

  • Phases that mothers identify with as they parent their child with a disability over time.
  • Suggestions about why self-care can be difficult at different phases and how to plan healthy change
  • Aspects of care and responsibilities that make mothering a child with a disability different to mothering typically developing children.

2. Health and Research Findings

  • Overview of research findings about the health and wellbeing of mothers of children with a disability.
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Making healthy changes
  • Seeking professional support for health issues

3. What Mothers Say About Stress

  • Stress and mental health: Research about mothers and how they feel.
  • Identifying the main issues that cause stress and compromise mental health.
  • Understanding your emotional wellbeing: When and how to help yourself.

4. Healthy Mind Healthy Mother

  • Finding inner and outer balance: suggestions for looking after yourself
  • Strategies that help on an everyday basis
  • Making regular health promoting and social activities a part of your lifestyle.

5. Active Healthy Mother

  • Physical activity: what’s essential and why.
  • Barriers to physical activity
  • Benefits to physical activity
  • Finding help to get your physical activity back on track

6. Healthy Eating

  • You, food and healthy eating.
  • Building a healthy body image.
  • You, your child and healthy eating.
  • You, your family and healthy eating.

7. Bringing Support Around You and Your Family

  • Overview of types and purpose of supports
  • Improving supports in your life
  • Bringing supports around you and your family

8. Managing Healthy Home Routines and Having Fun in the Community

  • Understanding the complexities of families to be able to manage healthy changes
  • Making family routines around health and wellbeing
  • Prioritising activities that lead to balance
  • Having fun in the community

9. Time for Me Planning

  • Recognising the need for support.
  • Managing resources and support
  • Learning about needs and finding the expert to help

10. Finding Balance and Staying Strong

  • Bringing it all together—what was available in this site and how to use the information going forward
  • Building resilience: self- care and nourishing yourself
  • Top tips to stay focused on healthy lifestyle design.
Entry last updated 17 March, 2020