Module 4 Healthy Mind, Healthy Mother

Module 4: Healthy Mind, Healthy Mother

This module presents the following information:

  • Finding inner and outer balance: suggestions for looking after yourself
  • Strategies that help on an everyday basis
  • Making regular health promoting and social activities a part of your lifestyle.

This module will present ways that mothers have found balance and strategies that they have learned to manage stress and feel healthy every day. In the journey of mothers, balance was an important aim and destination for all mothers. Some mothers say they reach this feeling of balance at times during a week or only occasionally. What all mothers say though, is that this is a state that they aim to achieve more often and for longer periods of time.

(Acknowledgements: We acknowledge Dr Fiona Jane, Dr Craig Hassad, Tony Catanese (psychologist) for their contribution to the initial content in this module—updates were made in 2023)
Entry last updated 08 June, 2023