Module 5 Active Healthy Mother

Module 5: Active Healthy Mother

This module presents the following information:

  • Physical activity: what’s essential and why.
  • Barriers to physical activity
  • Benefits to physical activity
  • Finding help to get your physical activity back on track

You can be an active participant in your own health. Everyone is capable of redesigning their lifestyle to include more healthy activity. Increasing participation in physical activity will improve your health and well-being. Your family will benefit too!

We asked Jodie Dakic, a registered physiotherapist, to prepare information about increasing participation in physical activity for mothers of children with additional care needs. Jodie with more than 15 years of clinical experience and research experience focused on exercise and injury epidemiology. Jodie recently completed a post-graduate specialisation in Women’s Health Physiotherapy & her PhD focuses on women’s participation in exercise across their lifespan including seeking to better understand barriers to physical activity in Australia. Jodie is an ambassador for a physical activity advocacy group Physios for Physical Activity. She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports and Exercise and Women’s Health groups. In the module, Jodie shares her expertise.

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Entry last updated 26 February, 2020