Module 1 The Journey of Mothers

Linking your health with your journey

Mothers have described different ways that they manage their lives at the different phases:

Why do mothers find caring for themselves difficult?

Often mothers do not associate themselves with the role of ‘carer’ or ‘caregiver’. After all, motherhood is all about caring for your child. But there is a difference between the duties and responsibilities related to caring for typically developing children and children with additional needs.

What are some of the unique tasks associated with parenting a child with a disability?

When asked, other mothers have highlighted the following:

  • Direct care during the day and night
  • Indirect care in the absence of the child (organising medication and other tasks)
  • Teacher/therapist responsibilities for the child’ s learning, development and maintenance/improvement of their health
  • Advocacy—child; other children; service advocacy and political advocacy
  • Organising the service system around the child
  • Managing people within those service systems—school, community, health and medical systems
  • Financial planning and responsibilities
  • Co-ordinating and meeting the needs of other family members as influenced by disability

It can be very useful to spend time thinking about the exact nature of the additional care responsibilities related to your family situation. Afterall, these responsibilities take extra time and this can result in less time for yourself or other activities.

Have you ever thought about the diverse skill set needed to meet these needs and responsibilities?

Take some time to write these down here:


Video: responsibilities and skills of mothers

Entry last updated 21 January, 2020