Module 3 What Mothers Say About Stress

Where do I go to get help?

There are a number of health and allied health practitioners who are trained in providing help. Firstly, see your general practitioner to help provide a diagnosis and to check for a physical health problem or medication that may be contributing to your symptoms. Discuss available treatment, counselling or possibly, if required, medication. Ask if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan as you may be able get a Medicare rebate for psychological therapy. The following are specialists trained in mental health care support:

  • General practitioner
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mental Health nurse practitioner
  • Social workers specialised in mental health
  • Occupational therapists specialised in mental health
  • Counsellors
  • Hospitals
  • Crisis Assessment and Treatment teams (CAT team)

      Gina McAdam explains counselling:

      Websites with good information about mental health

      Beyond Blue
      1300 22 4636
      Raises awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety, and works to empower people to seek help, and supports recovery, management of resilience

      Black Dog Institute
      Information on symptoms, treatment and prevention of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

      A website dedicated to providing mental health and wellbeing information, relevant mental health care services, online programs and resources and is supported by the Australian Government.

      SANE Australia Helpline
      1800 18 7263
      Information about mental illness, treatments and support. SANE Australia produces a range of publications and videos for people living with a mental illness, carers, professionals and students.

      Entry last updated 25 February, 2020