Module 8 Managing Healthy Home Routines and Having Fun in the Community

Enjoying your community

Your local community has a lot to offer all families. Your local community has essential services that you need or may want to use, such as shopping centres, medical and dental services and hairdressers.

Families of children with disabilities often say that they don’t feel comfortable and accepted in their local community. In a study….. Families say that the attitude of the general public is not supportive of their family’s involvement in places like libraries, playgrounds and swimming pools. Remember that the community is for everyone and everyone has a place in the community. When you are involved in the community, (i.e. running in a local park, trying free yoga at a neighbourhood house, joining the local library book club), you are sending the message that the community is a good place to be and a place where you are welcome. Your children benefit form this message. It sets an expectation that your child most certainly belongs and can enjoy the community. Have fun in your community. Use facilities that are of interest or serve a purpose for you and your family.

See fact sheet 4 for more information.

The next module will ask you to identify challenges and supports to your ability to make the changes in family routine and your daily life that you desire to experience better health, wellbeing and life goals. Finding time to look after yourself and making this time a part of your family’s routine takes planning, support and persistence to make it happen. Many women have achieved this for themselves and their families. You can do it too.

Entry last updated 16 January, 2020