Module 6 Healthy Eating

Healthy choices for snacks

The other aspect is to consider healthy choices for snacks. What are good choices to have on hand for you and your family?

There is a large range of snack items stocked in the supermarket designed for children. Most of these are fairly processed and have lots of packaging.

Let’s try a few simpler, healthier options:

  • Fresh fruit – even kids who won’t eat fruit at school will usually eat it if it is chopped up and served as a fruit platter. Slice up a peeled banana and fresh orange segments with a handful of grapes on a plate and see how your kids go.
  • Berries with some plain yoghurt
  • Vege sticks – crunchy and tasty carrot, snow peas, cucumber, capsicum strips, cherry tomatoes. have alone or add a dip like hummus.
  • Dried fruit – sultanas, apricots, apples etc
  • Cheese – cubes or slices
  • Dry biscuits and cheese
  • Sandwiches or pita bread wraps with peanut butter, ham and shredded carrot, cheese and Vegemite – somehow slicing them up makes them more appealing!
  • Milk – as a drink, milkshake or smoothie.
  • Popcorn- make your own!
  • Avocado on toast or crackers
  • Nuts ( for kids over 5)
  • Raisin toast
  • Pita bread or English muffin ‘pizzas’
Entry last updated 24 February, 2020