Module 10 Finding Balance & Staying Strong

Connecting with others

Throughout this website, we have mentioned the importance of connecting with others, of spending time with supportive people in your life. Identifying people in your life who make you feel good, and provide you with the emotionally nourishing support is a very important exercise. Limiting time or setting parameters around people who do not make us feel good can be a successful strategy to maintaining your energy levels and capacity to do what needs to be done each day. Think about people who you need to spend time with and who you want to spend time with. Who makes you feel good, energized and positive? Contact them today!

People who make us feel good are crucial to our wellbeing. In module 2, Dr Helen Bourke-Taylor discussed the research findings about women who identified another adult as their main support. Such mothers experienced better mental and physical health compared to mothers who were self-reliant. People in our lives who are supportive may be within our informal networks—friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues or professionals who know your child/children. However another significant source of support mothers identified were formal support networks. Formal support networks might be parent support groups, or organizations dedicated to specific disabilities or furthering life opportunities and the health of children and young people with disabilities. Other supports are your GP, a counsellor or mental health professional.

We’d like to introduce Hilke who has some thoughts to share about managing, staying strong and connecting with others:

Entry last updated 24 February, 2020