Module 7 Bringing Support Around You and Your Family

Supportive People

What can I do if I have lost contact with supportive people?

If you realise that you spend less time or have lost contact with people who are important and supportive towards you, think about ways that you could reconnect. Initially, a text, social media contact or message could be the way to start a conversation that might lead to a face to face meeting or shared time in a park, coffee shop or elsewhere. Contact with supportive people can take many forms—through our phones, social media and at casual meetings or formal events.

It’s important to make time and protect time to communicate and meet up with supportive people. If you have lost touch or would like new friends and supports in your life, spend a couple of weeks observing the people around you.

  • Who makes you feel good?
  • Who brings out your good qualities?
  • What characteristics do these people have that you enjoy and value?
  • What do you, or could you, bring to the relationship or friendship?

Plan how you can bring supportive people around you. Could you start a new activity to meet people? Examples might include joining a walking group, book club or another type of free and enjoyable activity. Could you meet some of the mothers from preschool/kinder or school to have a coffee or walk? Could you volunteer in an activity where other interesting adults may go? Examples might include one of your child’s activities or a fundraiser.

There is no doubt that getting out into the community to meet people is the best way to increase your contact with others. It might take time to meet new people, however there are a lot of people in our communities who look forward to meeting others and would extend their hand to meet you. Finding like minded people to spend time with creates an opportunity for enjoyable shared time and the possibility of new friendships. Many mothers enjoy spending time with other parents in a similar situation. Sometimes organisations can offer opportunities to meet others. Your local or state wide provider of carer services or an organisation such as the Association for Children with a Disability in Victoria may offer opportunities to meet other people who you may connect with.

Entry last updated 24 February, 2020