Module 7 Bringing Support Around You and Your Family

Bringing Support

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Supportive people make us feel good. Sometimes they are the people who help to provide resources for us to meet our obligations and continue caring for our families. Other times, they are the people who share our life experiences and help us to enjoy life. For example, women may identify their partner, a neighbour or their own mother or sister as a daily life support.

Community activities can connect us with supportive others. The relationships may not be very close, but they are relationships that give us meaning and connect us with beliefs, values or something shared or of importance. For example, women may identify members of their local religious establishment, long standing book club friends, old school friends, or current or past work colleagues as an important support. Such people may not know or understand the family situation. However, if the person is positive and supportive then they are an important relationship in your life.

Mothers of children with a disability can feel or be more isolated than other parents in the community. If you feel like this you are not alone.

Entry last updated 25 February, 2020