Module 5 Active Healthy Mother

Tips to increasing physical activity:

  • Getting recommended dose doesn’t have to be all in one block. Example: 3 x 10 minutes walks throughout the day just as good as 30 minutes continuous
  • Be less sedentary—try standing or moving often
  • If waiting after school—get out of the car and walk around
  • Park further from the shops
  • Use comfortable shoes
  • Take earphones and listen to music
  • Walk with a buddy
  • Embed it in your daily activity (walk while waiting for your child, walk after lunch, take up a physical activity like gardening)
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Exercise with family or friends/ join a team
  • Schedule into your diary like an appointment
  • Prioritise exercise- looking after yourself is looking after your family
  • Swap childcare duties with partner/family to allow time to exercise
Entry last updated 22 January, 2020