Module 5 Active Healthy Mother

Pain and Incontinence

What can I do if pain or injury are stopping me exercising?

If you are unable to be as physically active as you would like, due to pain or a medical condition, consult your doctor or a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are experts in prescribing exercise and can help tailor an exercise program that will suit you and your health condition. Exercise is also an effective way to manage many injuries such as low back pain and arthritis. To help find a physiotherapist in your area you can locate one here:

What can I do if incontinence is a problem for me?

One in three women leak urine and many more experience other pelvic floor issues such as pelvic organ prolapse. Symptoms of these conditions are common, but not normal, and there are many effective ways to treat and manage them. Physiotherapy is known to be highly effective in reducing pelvic floor symptoms such as leaking of urine, wind or bowel contents. There are Women’s Health physiotherapists who specialise in helping women with pelvic floor symptoms. They assess what is causing the symptoms and develop treatments to help reduce and manage them. For example, teaching pelvic floor muscle exercises. Physiotherapists can also help you to modify your exercise to allow you to continue participating in exercise, symptom free. Find help for yourself today, find a women’s health physio here, see your general practitioner, or contact the National continence help line1800 33 00 66.

Great sources of information that may help you to learn more about leaking urine and other pelvic floor conditions are;

Entry last updated 24 February, 2020