The right support makes a big difference!


Having the right supports helps mothers look after their own wellbeing.

Motherhood comes with a natural tendency to prioritise offspring. Time is re-allocated to the child and family, leaving mothers less time for other ‘stuff’. Cleaning the house, planing healthy food for yourself, or even brushing your hair may somehow get relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. Seeing your friends or extended family may not even make it on the weekly list!

Does this resonate with you?

Research with mothers of children with a disability shows that identified life supports around you and your family make a big difference to your stress and family contentment. Life supports are people that you choose to surround yourself with and who are supportive towards you. They can be anyone close to you, including a friend, partner, professional, relative, or another parent of a child with a disability.

As humans, we are hardwired for connection; connection with healthy social supports serves to reduce stress, improve health-related quality of life, and make navigating life that little bit smoother for you and your family.

What can I do?

The first step towards change is understanding that spending less time and losing touch with your life supports can happen, and this can impact your health and wellbeing. Take a moment to reflect on whether this is true for you? Can you identify your life supports?

Reflect on who is important in your life?

Who makes you feel good?

Who do you feel good about offering support to?

Perhaps schedule in some time to pick up the phone and give one of these people a call.

You may also like to have a look at Healthy Mothers Healthy Families Factsheets on Identified Life Supports and Supports Around Me and My Family for more. You can click on these below.