Healthy Mums Check in - Natalie

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We caught up with some of the mothers who shared their healthy lifestyle changes with HMHF.

Some truly amazing and generous mums are featured on the Healthy Mothers Healthy Families website. It has been a few years since the website launched and we thought it would be great to check in on some of these incredible mothers and get an update on how they are progressing.

This week we spoke to Natalie.

Click here to see a video of Natalie on the original HMHF website


What are you doing now?

My major goal was to manage my back pain and business. For the last 6 years I have been doing pilates twice a week and have reduced needing to see a health professional for my back pain from fortnightly to monthly.

Another goal was to become a public speaker and I have been facilitating Healthy Mothers Healthy Families workshops for 4 years with Helen (HMHF founder) and and other mothers credentialed to run the workshops.

What changes have you made after Healthy Mothers Healthy Families that you have maintained?

Following HMHF I started going to Pilates and I am still doing this regularly. I am also continuing to bring in more support around myself and my family by increasing my daughter's supports through NDIS and asking my husband to do more to help.

If you could give other mothers of children with disability some advice, what would it be?

Be flexible because your life will be ever changing. For example, there will be times when someone in the family will get sick, but don't lose sight of the changes you have made because there will be a time when you can go back to them. Flexibility is the key to making your own health and wellbeing a priority.


Your children deserve the best of you and they will not get the best of you if you are exhausted, run down, or your body is breaking down.

Thanks Natalie - you continue to inspire us.