Be a Tourist in Your Own Community - Re-emerging after COVID

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The past 2 years was filled with unpredictability, new experiences, and a whole lot of compromise. Things we used to take for granted – like visiting family, taking the kids to school, or going for a walk –became luxury commodities. Our lives changed as we bunkered down and did our bit to preserve the health of our communities.

Now we face the prospect of coming out of lockdowns and restrictions, embracing more freedoms, and transitioning to a “COVID normal”. Perhaps this is exciting, or maybe you feel somewhat nervous?

How do you plan to resume some of your favourite activities?

Research with parents of children with disabilities suggests that accessing and participating in activities outside of the home has a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

What can I do?

The first step is to check in with how you feel about resuming community activities. It is natural to feel wary after the turbulence of the past years. It is also natural to be excited to do anything and everything that you and your family missed out on.

A great alternative to start getting used to being out and about again is to become a tourist in your own community!

  • Have a picnic at a local park. Perhaps research different parks around you with different playgrounds and amenities – choose a different park to go to each weekend!
  • Go for a walk along an iconic beach in your area, or maybe find a hidden gem! Take a bucket and collect some seashells.
  • Go “café hopping” – grab a coffee (or a hot chocolate!) from a different café each weekend.
  • Check out some sights in your city – here is a link for Melbourne, Australia, but you can also select the page for your city.

You may also like to have a look at the Healthy Mothers Healthy Families Supports in the Community factsheet for more information.